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Re: Making Debian available

On 12/01 05:14, Sven Joachim wrote:
> Provide a way to discover the working netinst with non-free firmware,
> right now it seems to be impossible to find.
> The official netinst image advertised on the homepage is for servers and
> virtual machines only.  How is an average user of Windows or even other
> GNU/Linux distributions supposed to know that official Debian images do
> not offer network access during installation on desktops and laptops?

So the current situation is that we make an active effort to produce two
different types of installation media: one that works for all users, and
one broken for most laptops. Some sort of FOSS version of an
anti-feature. Then we publish the broken version on the front page, and
hide very carefully the version that works.

This absurdly damages our users without improving the state of Free
Software in any way, while Ubuntu puts the firmware back into the images
and can rightly claim to be easier to install.

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