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Re: Added hundreds of media types to /etc/mime.types

On 1/9/21 12:22 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:
 implement a choice in this script.
> If this is too close to the freeze, I can temporarly remove `sdf` for
> `application/vnd.stardivision.math` and re-add it later.

sdf from Stardivision Math rings a bell as something I've used when I
was in School. Which is ... long...long ago.

For those who don't remember it: Stardivision had a really nice office
suite which was at some point bought by Sun. Years later libreoffice is
still able to open Staroffice Writer files. But as far as I can tell
libreoffice math is not even able to read sdf files anymore.

So I think it is really save to drop that in favour of the other one (no
clue what that is, though).

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