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put-dns - Abstraction of external DNS record creation

While working towards the creation of a Small Organisation Server, based around federated and open protocols I needed a way to create DNS records on an external DNS server.

I could not find an existing general way to do this, so I created a command put-dns, which is just a shell script which is passed a DNS record in RFC 1034 format, and then passes this on to a provider-specific script which does the actual update.

I have this implemented for one real provider, a hosting/DNS provider called Mythic Beasts, and a 'none' provider which simply outputs the request to a text file.

Having got this far I thought this might be useful for other projects, so I have split it off into https://gitlab.com/JohnLines/put-dns

If something which does the same job already exists then please let me know, and I will use that, and package it if not already packaged.

I have no desire to reinvent the wheel, but have noticed there are several projects where the instructions for installation contain 'now set up a DNS record', but there is not much to help an average end user with this.
There is the namecheap package, which I have not looked at beyond the description, but that is tied to a single provider, and does more than is needed.

I would welcome feedback as to whether abstracting external DNS updates seems a good idea, even if only in a crude way, would other projects find this useful as an option ?


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