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Re: Accepted bonnie++ 1.97 (source amd64) Add Xen microcode update driver for Wheezy ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel/AMD x86 CPU microcode update system in non-free Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel/AMD x86 CPU microcode update system in non-free Automated rebuilding Ayudeme por favor a iniciarme en el mundo de Linux Re: Bits from the release team - Freeze update Re: BSP in Banja Luka, 2012-12-10 and 2012-12-11 Bug#637232: [patch] provide a libc6-dev-compat package Re: Bug#656858: libimage-exiftool-perl: new upstream version available Re: Bug#690839: run-parts: By default the umask is set to 022 Bug#692000: ITP: liblbfgs -- L-BFGS solver for dense nonlinear optimization problems Bug#692023: ITP: python-dbusmock -- Mock D-Bus objects for testsuites Bug#692032: ITP: python-csb -- Python framework for structural bioinformatics Bug#692084: ITP: trac-includemacro -- Include external resources in a Trac wiki page. Bug#692087: ITP: sglib -- Header-only container library in C. Implements basic data structures. Bug#692088: ITP: libdogleg -- Powell's dog-leg optimization routine for sparse matrices Bug#692089: ITP: libalgorithm-lbfgs-perl -- Algorithm::LBFGS - Perl extension for L-BFGS Bug#692090: ITP: libfile-tee-perl -- File::Tee - replicate data sent to a Perl stream Bug#692091: ITP: libmath-quaternion-perl -- Math::Quaternion - Perl class to represent quaternions Bug#692093: ITP: libconst-fast-perl -- Const::Fast - Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes Bug#692094: ITP: libpdl-linearalgebra-perl -- libpdl-linearalgebra-perl Bug#692159: ITP: pybit -- integrated cross-platform buildd toolkit using queued messages Bug#692167: ITP: notion-scripts -- Contributed scripts for the Notion window manager Bug#692264: ITP: double-conversion -- routines to convert IEEE doubles to and from strings Bug#692320: ITP: A tool for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver Bug#692353: ITP: php-wpcli -- PHP PEAR module for a WordPress CLI interface Bug#692354: ITP: fomp -- collection of LV2 audio plugins Bug#692356: ITP: arduide -- Qt-based IDE for Arduino development Bug#692359: ITP: libjs-jquery-colorbox -- jQuery customizable lightbox Bug#692406: ITP: wsl -- Wsman Shell Command Line "whistle" Bug#692409: ITP: libconstant-defer-perl -- Perl module providing constant subs with deferred value calculation Bug#692410: ITP: libmath-libm-perl -- Perl extension for the C math library, libm Bug#692483: ITP: dnsperf -- DNS server performance testing tool Bug#692498: ITP: bamtools -- C++ API and toolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files Bug#692516: ITP: python-pyxs -- Pure Python bindings to XenStore Bug#692529: ITP: gateone -- HTML5 web-based terminal emulator and ssh client Bug#692561: ITP: toped -- Toped is a cross-platform IC layout editor Bug#692568: RFP: wkhtmltopdf -- Convert HTML to PDF using the WebKit rendering engine and Qt Bug#692774: ITP: throttle -- bandwidth limiting pipe Bug#692778: ITP: libtins -- C++ library for manipulating raw network packets Bug#692786: ITP: libunix-configfile-perl -- Perl interface to various Unix configuration files Bug#692789: ITP: hybserv -- IRC services for IRCD-Hybrid Bug#692829: ITP: pbsclusterviz -- PBS Cluster Visualisation Bug#692830: ITP: nemo -- File manager for cinnamon Bug#692860: ITP: ITP: gimp-qmlexporter -- GIMP plugin to export layers and Text as QT-Quick (QML) Bug#692863: ITP: heimdall -- tool for flashing firmware on Samsung Galaxy S devices Re: Bug#692863: ITP: heimdall -- tool for flashing firmware on Samsung Galaxy S devices Bug#692864: RFP: mdpress -- create Impress.js slideshows with Markdown Bug#692894: ITP: plum -- plum is a command line tool used to interact with the U-Boot netconsole of any LaCie product Bug#692924: ITP: libhash-diff-perl -- module for creating the difference between two hashes Bug#692940: ITP: opendmarc -- Milter implementation of DMARC Bug#692942: ITP: opusfile -- High-level API for basic manipulation of Ogg Opus audio streams Bug#692968: ITP: karlyriceditor -- Karaoke lyrics editor with video rendering Bug#692984: ITP: sogo-connector -- full DAV client for Thunderbird/IceDove Bug#693040: libav: Strange build failure on several archs Bug#693044: ITP: proteowizard -- library to perform proteomics data analyses Bug#693069: ITP: rurple-ng -- learn programming in python with a robot Bug#693070: ITP: easy-rsa -- Simple shell based CA utility Bug#693094: RFH: cloud-init -- configuration and customization of cloud instances Bug#693097: ITP: lua-nginx-redis -- Lua redis client driver for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API Bug#693098: ITP: lua-nginx-memcached -- Pure Lua memcached client driver for the nginx embedded Lua language Bug#693137: ITP: swift-plugin-s3 -- swift3 (S3 compatibility) middleware plugin for swift Bug#693156: ITP: flashbench -- identify flash storage properties Bug#693165: ITP: ruby-tins -- useful tools library in Ruby Bug#693167: ITP: gmsl -- GNU Make Standard Library - utility functions for Gnu Make Bug#693187: general: when i use any browser iceweasel, chrome, etc Bug#693187: marked as done (general: when i use any browser iceweasel, chrome, etc) Bug#693191: ITP: ruby-utils -- provides some useful command line utilities Bug#693198: ITP: ec2debian-build-ami is a bunch of scripts which creates Debian images for use in clouds. Bug#693215: ITP: bustle -- D-Bus activity visualiser Bug#693296: RFH: worldwind Bug#693310: ITP: spiped -- create secure pipes between socket addresses Bug#693342: ITP: dhrystone -- a popular benchmark for CPU/compiler performance measurement Bug#693406: ITP: ceilometer -- openstack efficient metering counters system Bug#693481: ITP: python-webm -- python interface to the Google WebM video/image codec Bug#693492: ITP: litecoin -- peer-to-peer network based digital currency Bug#693536: ITP: python-grapevine -- grapevine (formerly known as python-pipeline) lets you create pipelines of iterators. Bug#693557: ITP: python-ceres -- database engine for fast, reliable fixed-sized databases Bug#693582: ITP: fonts-osp-din -- DIN 1451 font from Open Source Publishing Bug#693628: ITP: libproc-wait3-perl -- Perl extension for wait3 system call Bug#693629: ITP: libclass-accessor-lite-perl -- a minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor Bug#693637: ITP: q3map2 -- a quake 3 map compiler Bug#693646: ITP: libparallel-prefork-perl -- simple prefork server framework Bug#693671: ITP: hupnp -- Library for building UPnP devices Bug#693695: general: "error while loading shared libraries" on system upgrade Bug#693738: ITP: r-cran-readbrukerflexdata -- GNU R package to read Bruker Daltonics' *flex format files Bug#693774: ITP: grub-finnix -- Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems Re: Bug#693774: ITP: grub-finnix -- Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems Bug#693792: ITP: ocproxy -- lwip based proxy for openconnect Bug#693800: ITP: tandem-mass -- mass spectrometry software for protein identification Bug#693813: ITP: impress.js -- JavaScript library to create presentations in browsers Bug#693819: ITP: highlight.js -- JavaScript syntax highlighting library for many languages Bug#693829: ITP: python-iapws -- Python implementation of the international APWS-IF97 steam tables Bug#693831: ITP: flextra -- Trajectory model for tracing air transport phenomena Bug#693833: ITP: flexpart -- Particle Dispersion model for tracing air transport phenomena Bug#693834: ITP: metview -- Interactive data visualization and analysis environment Bug#693859: ITP: pixz -- parallel, indexing version of xz Bug#693868: ITP: mailnag -- mail notification daemon for GNOME 3 Bug#693879: ITP: python-hglib -- Python library for interfacing with Mercurial's command server Bug#693919: ITP: r-cran-maldiquant -- GNU R package for quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry data Bug#693998: ITP: linux-minidisc -- Free software for accessing NetMD and HiMD MiniDisc devices Re: Bug#693998: ITP: linux-minidisc -- Free software for accessing NetMD and HiMD MiniDisc devices Bug#694025: ITP: oz -- installing guest OSs with only minimal input the user Bug#694026: ITP: psphere -- Python bindings for the vSphere Web Services SDK Bug#694029: ITP: hail -- language-neutral, OS-neutral, highly available distributed computing services Bug#694033: ITP: iwhd -- store cloud images and upload them to certain cloud providers Bug#694034: ITP: imagefactory -- System image generation tool for various Virtual Machine environment Bug#694054: ITP: drumkv1 -- old-school drum-kit sampler Bug#694080: ITP: avw.lv2 -- collection of Voltage Controlled LV2 modules Bug#694157: ITP: kerkerkruip -- interactive fiction roguelike game Bug#694173: ITP: gdnsd -- authoritative domain name server Bug#694278: ITP: gpg-remailer -- GnuPG-enabled remailer for mailing lists Bug#694308: Mass bug filling about proprietary code of adobe in our type1 fonts Bug#694326: ITP: perl-cross-debian -- Cross build support for Debian perl configurations Bug#694408: ITP: vmdk-stream-converter -- raw disk images to stream-optimized VMDK files convert tool Bug#694418: ITP: fits -- Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files Re: Bug#694418: ITP: fits -- Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files Bug#694447: ITP: twistedchecker -- Coding style checker for Python source. Bug#694456: ITP: lzma-sdk-4j -- LZMA SDK for Java Bug#694583: ITP: python-django-model-utils -- Django model mixins and utilities Bug#694591: ITP: css2xslfo -- XML+CSS2 to XSL-FO converter Bug#694637: ITP: gildas -- Radioastronomy data analysis software Bug#694666: ITP: python-pampy -- Python module for simple PAM authentications Bug#694682: ITP: pysiogame -- educational activity pack for kids Bug#694698: ITP: ruby-libwebsocket -- Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol Bug#694709: ITP: ruby-weblibsocket -- Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol Bug#694724: ITP: libb64 -- base64 encoding/decoding library Bug#694749: ITP: GNU Health -- Electronic Medical Record and Hospital Information System Re: Bugs filed in unexpected places Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-14) Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30) Re: Candidates for removal from testing (results) Canonical pushes upstart into user session - systemd developer complains Re: ColdFire / m68k Re: Comments on Mate DE A common configuration format, anyone? Contributor agreements and copyright assignment (was Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems) Coordination between developers in the Debian project Re: cross-build-essential Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V2012 #1225 debian mate Debian port bootstrap build ordering tool status Dell Latitude Nvidia problems Re: Re: Re: Re: major linux problems summary 2012 Re: Dell Latitude Nvidia problems Re: Re: Re: Re: major linux problems summary 2012 "Do not CC me" Fallback for GNOME in jessie [was: debian mate] Gentoo guys starting a fork of udev gnome-panel (was: debian mate) History of Debian bootstrapping/porting efforts Re: Howto debug this [X-qt-kde] crash ? How to make port/bootstrapping work easier Introducing, a regexp code search engine IPv6, tentative addresses, bind(), wheezy The last update was on 14:56 GMT Wed May 01. There are 970 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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