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Re: debian mate

Am 22.11.2012 08:37, schrieb Josselin Mouette:
Le jeudi 22 novembre 2012 à 07:21 +0100, Michael Schmitt a écrit :
Now I see how that works for the gnome folks! *lol* Really, if the
general gnome attitude is "all complaints are dumb and should be
ignored, what we do is the holly grail" then...
Please read http://theoatmeal.com/comics/making_things (especially the
last part about comments). It completely applies here.
I can't believe I really read the whole comic.. gosh... what a waste :/ but I acknowledge that some folks might like it, praise it, kneel in front of it and see it as the definitive answer to art in general and how the world does tick. Me, not so much. I really don't know if I should go any deeper there... as I don't want to get rude after trying to be polite such a long time. :)

Just one thing, no, that comic does not explain how a fruitful relationship between $PROJECT and $COMMUNITY works. If it stands for how Gnome works... oh hell yeah, that might explain a few things.

Oh and just on the fun side, your “real user need”:

So here we have 2 panels on a Xinerama setup. On each screen, you have
grossly 3 areas of applets: left, middle, right. Exactly the kind of
setup gnome-panel 3 was made for.
I suggest you make an appointment with your optician or use a bigger screen / look closer to the screen. As I see on screen #1 five areas and on screen #2 eight areas. I would get along with less on both but just left, middle, right is way to little. If you look close enough you might even realize why I "needed" (read: wanted) that many areas.

And I need that to be able to make groupings of applets, to make sure
they don't wobble around and *always* *stay* *where* *they* *are* (which
does break when resizing screen, which is a bug and not to be answered
by removing that feature, at least if one has the broad variety of users
in mind).
The 3 areas of applets precisely answer that need: your applets won’t
wobble around, they will always stay where they are. You can have
several times the same applets at different positions, too.
Please, look closer *sigh* and try to think harder why with only 3 fixed areas it is impossible to avoid wobbling applets in all cases. You used gnome2 in the past AND gnome3 now, it can't be that hard and I really start to think you're joking.

What you are telling me is that GNOME 2.x / MATE does not answer your
user needs, while gnome-panel 3 does.

Thanks, for the entertainment, MATE :)


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