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Re: debian mate

Am 21.11.2012 11:19, schrieb Marc Haber:
On Wed, 21 Nov 2012 04:03:33 +0100, Michael Schmitt
<tcwardrobe@gmail.com>  wrote:
Am 20.11.2012 23:14, schrieb Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez:
AFAIK is completely impossible that Debian ships MATE for Wheezy. Wheezy
has been frozen time ago and by policy no new packages are allowed in
the archive for testing during the freeze.
So much for the general rules... but exceptions ARE possible!
If you are really thinking that the Release Team would let a big and
controverse package like MATE into wheezy at this time of the release
process, you are completely out of line. This is never going to
happen, and it is good that this is not going to happen.
Yeah, call me naive, but I really had the feeling I could convince others to pull that stunt. And don't get me wrong there. I still believe it would have been best for a fair amount of users to have an as least problematic as possible upgrade-path for their desktop. But that does not cut it, which I understand and accept.

Read: I am in-line now. ;)

As a non-user of GNOME or MATE, I would hate to have the release
delayed for that reason.
Yeah, well...


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