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Re: debian mate


Neil Williams has written on Wednesday, 21 November, at 15:48:
>However, if people choose to migrate to XFCE instead of GNOME3, then a
>migration to a GNOME2-alike in Jessie isn't as hard but might still not
>be wise. Who knows how XFCE will change with a bunch of new users
>reporting issues and possibly new developers fixing things. I'm
>undecided but possibly the best route for everyone interested in MATE
>is to actually join up with the XFCE team and work together to provide
>something which fixes the niggles with XFCE without burdening everyone
>with 3D acceleration. That way we all get a long term fix as GNOME have
>already outlined the end of 2D fallback mode support.

    Don't underrestimate also LXDE. My nephew tried XFCE and LXDE and
chose LXDE. And the current work on LXDE's file manager (pcmanfm) will
bring it to much better state than XFCE one (thunar). So some people
definitely will migrate to LXDE instead of XFCE. May be even some XFCE
people will migrate to LXDE. And people who want to contribute into
GNOME2-alike stuff are welcomed into LXDE as well.


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