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Re: Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30)

Niels Thykier writes ("Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30)"):
> We are considering removing the following packages from testing as
> they have unfixed RC bugs filed against them. The packages can be
> found in the attached dd-list.  The bugs that put them on this list
> can be found in the removals file (also attached) just above the
> package name.  We have BCC'ed this email to <pkg>@packages.debian.org
> for the relevant packages.

Thanks for this work.

> # #692623
> remove fossil/1:1.22.1-1

This is worrying because fossil is the vcs used by sqlite upstream.

It looks like fixing this would involve Packaging "cson" too.  The
alternative of dumping cson into the fossil source tree is probably
not ideal.

Barak, have you looked at this at all yet ?


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