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Re: debian mate

Michael Schmitt writes ("Re: debian mate"):
> Am 21.11.2012 10:30, schrieb Neil Williams:
> > As part of the Debian release team it is Adam's call to make. He's
> > declared his decision which is fully in line with the freeze policy and
> > that's that. There is no point even thinking about MATE in Wheezy any
> > longer. It's done, closed, ended - denied. Move along now, nothing to
> > see here.
> Please calm down. Please, don't domineer opinions of others based on 
> such questionable arguments. I really prefer the open-minded approach 
> here. You don't have to agree but to just say "They said no, so stop 
> bickering" feels horribly wrong.

Neil's message was entirely appropriate.

Like so many of these kind of arguments with are controversial outside
Debian as well as within Debian, many of the people here aren't aware
of how we do things here, who is in charge, and what decisions have
been made.

Everything Neil said was entirely true.  And discussing it further is
just wasting everyone's time.

If anyone feels that the Debian Release Team have made the wrong
decision here, there are escalation routes available within the
project.  You have been told that they don't want to discuss it
further here.

So if you don't like that decision it should be escalated to the
Technical Committee.  But I can tell you now that if you escalate to
the TC you will get short shrift.  (Or what passes for short shrift
within the TC, anyway.)

So Neil was right to say "drop it".


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