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Re: Bug#693774: ITP: grub-finnix -- Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems

On Nov 20, Ryan Finnie <ryan@finnie.org> wrote:

>   Description     : Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems
I think that you should add one or two lines to explain what Finnix is.
At least, the word "rescue" would help a lot...

>  Note that there are certain restrictions regarding where the ISO may be 
>  placed.  Please see README.Debian for installation instructions and 
>  restrictions.
Does this really have to be in the package description?
I think that we can assume the "you should read README.Debian for more 
information" part for all packages...

> I talked about this briefly with Paul Wise, and while there are several 
> existing packages which do similar GRUB loaders for other projects 
Hopefully the wide availability of well integrated rescue systems will 
make happy the few people who complain that in the future the root file 
system is going to be less and less useful as a rescue system.


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