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Re: debian mate

Le mercredi 21 novembre 2012 à 04:03 +0100, Michael Schmitt a écrit : 
> > Gnome3-classic (fallback) is the option more like to what was gnome2. I
> > have been using it for a while and is a good option if you want a
> > desktop like gnome2.
> It may be for you or for some others, but not for all a viable option. 
> Most definitely not for me, the local and remote folks I asked around 
> the globe. 

Yeah, because people can’t stand their panels going from gray to black.

> Don't get me wrong most of them could probably "get along" 
> with the fallback mode after some degree of tweaking, but they would 
> miss A LOT! Some examples? In no particular order: The complete 
> infrastructure under gnome-fallback is a *completely* *different* horse. 
> Some would say it is not even a horse, it is rather a mule! That "mule" 
> behaves utterly different when it comes to several aspects. 

You need to be more specific because despite being one of the
maintainers I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

> The panel (no free arranging of applets / starters; 

This is by design. Please point me to a case where the new layout
mechanism doesn’t answer *real* user needs. OTOH being finally free of
absolute positioning means the end of the awful bugs when resizing the
screen or when applets change their size.

> not all applets ported; 

Port them. I’ve done it for a pair of them, it is really simple.

> simple right-click does not work anymore, alt or even alt+super+click
> is needed now; 

Obviously you haven’t had to manage a help desk where you get calls from
people who have accidentally removed their notification area or their
window list with a wrongly placed right click.

> menus arranged in a completely different and un-logical 
> fashion;...). 


> No language / keyboard settings in GDM anymore (Oops, you 
> speak a different language with a different keyboard layout then the 
> system default? Hope you did not use any fancy symbols for your password 
> then!). 

This one, I agree, is a real problem. I don’t like how upstream moved
regional settings to the control center. Patches that reintroduce
keyboard selection in GDM in a correct fashion will be accepted.

> The control-center, a lot of stuff is missing. Gone are the days 
> you can keep your laptop running when closing the lid. Want to prohibit 
> display blanking? Sorry, gone too. 

If you want very specific settings you can use gsettings to set those
defaults. You are not talking of basic use cases that a random user with
no understanding of a command line would need.

> That list goes on and on (ask the web for a more comprehensive list) 

Yeeehaw, just “ask the web”. What could go wrong with that? Haven’t you
noticed how asking the web will always lead to the same answer: any
change will be deemed absolutely horrible and destructive.

> and some of those shortcomings can be 
> tweaked away, which means effort and grief in varying degree. In short, 
> gnome3-fallback just looks at the upper surface almost like gnome2 did, 
> but is, behaves, works completely different. 

Indeed, it works much better. It is a fallback for GNOME3, not just
GNOME2 with sed s/gnome/mate/ so it was a bit more work, but certainly
worth it.

> I kind of insist it being in jessie ;) And yes, that makes another good 
> point why the gnome3-fallback just can't feel like the real thing. It is 
> supposed to be for those users that 1.) can't use the shell as no 3D 
> acceleration available 2.) absolutely can't or don't want to work with a 
> new and different desktop-paradigm, with accepted pain and grief in 
> varying detail...

So what you suggest for jessie is, after users having gone through the
“pain” of moving from GNOME2 to GNOME 3 classic, to go back to GNOME2
with GTK2, GConf (sorry, MateConf) and almost everything looking like a
squeeze desktop?

Way to go.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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