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Re: Gentoo guys starting a fork of udev

What are the problems they try to address? The strong binding to
systemd is good and makes much sense to me, and udev is still usable
without systemd (and will be in the future).
Also, both systemd and udev are Linux-only, so the situation here at
Debian hasn't changed.
The problems we had in the past with bad udev+kernel combinations and
changing config file format etc. can also be addressed in udev,
without the need of forking.
In general, I think a fork of udev would do much more harm than trying
to solve the problems in udev. Of course, they're free to fork, but
the separation will hurt both projects and everything relying on
udev/the fork.

2012/11/14 martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org>:
> also sprach Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> [2012.11.14.0412 +0100]:
>> As Gentoo guys and some major kernel people are protesting about the
>> insanity Kay and Lennart have done to udev,
> I cannot help but notice that Kay and Lennart were both
> Gentoo-freaks when they took on udev and at least I always
> attributed much of what was wrong with udev from the start (e.g. the
> configuration file format) to being born in an environment where
> people still compile from source. ;)
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