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Re: Introducing codesearch.debian.net, a regexp code search engine

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 9:06 PM, Michael Stapelberg
<stapelberg@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi alberto,
> alberto fuentes <pajaro@gmail.com> writes:
>> roughly speaking, how does it work internally?
> It uses a trigram index and the RE2 regular expression engine.
> My work is based on Russ Cox’s ideas and code published at
> http://swtch.com/~rsc/regexp/regexp4.html

That read was enough to satiate my questions on how it works. :)

Now some actual details would be appreciate.
Like size of database, size on memory, engine running, kind of
machine, number of nodes, etc...

Have you run any benchmark?


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