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Re: debian mate

On 21/11/12 04:03, Michael Schmitt wrote:
> It may be for you or for some others, but not for all a viable option.
> Most definitely not for me, the local and remote folks I asked around
> the globe. Don't get me wrong most of them could probably "get along"
> with the fallback mode after some degree of tweaking, but they would
> miss A LOT! Some examples? In no particular order: The complete
> infrastructure under gnome-fallback is a *completely* *different* horse.
> Some would say it is not even a horse, it is rather a mule! That "mule"
> behaves utterly different when it comes to several aspects. The panel
> (no free arranging of applets / starters; not all applets ported; simple
> right-click does not work anymore, alt or even alt+super+click is needed
> now; menus arranged in a completely different and un-logical
> fashion;...). No language / keyboard settings in GDM anymore (Oops, you
> speak a different language with a different keyboard layout then the
> system default? Hope you did not use any fancy symbols for your password
> then!). The control-center, a lot of stuff is missing. Gone are the days
> you can keep your laptop running when closing the lid. Want to prohibit
> display blanking? Sorry, gone too. That list goes on and on (ask the web
> for a more comprehensive list) and some of those shortcomings can be
> tweaked away, which means effort and grief in varying degree. In short,
> gnome3-fallback just looks at the upper surface almost like gnome2 did,
> but is, behaves, works completely different.

Well.. is true that I had to tune a lot gnome3-fallback until I was
happy with it. I use compiz+emerald as wm, have replaced
gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver and also did many other tweaks.

If you feel so strong about MATE, you always can (at your own risk)
install MATE from their repositories:

> Fun fact there... I happen
> to be forced to work with Redmond OS since windows 95. From Windows 95
> up to Windows 7 the design did change *a lot*, it got more features,
> some options got re-arranged *slightly* but the overall way to handle a
> windows-system has never changed a bit. It was always the same as I sat
> in front of a new windows release the first time. Five minutes and I
> found everything and realised that "under the hood" everything is
> actually almost exactly the same as before. *No* research to get going
> necessary! I don't want to praise MS here (crap and the wrong
> development model remains crap and wrong) but they got one thing right,
> don't shock your users too much!

I guess you didn't tried Windows 8 yet? :D

The good thing with open source stuff is that you always have options
and alternatives when some project takes a direction you don't like. But
when this happens with proprietary stuff you don't have a say.

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