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Bug#692864: RFP: mdpress -- create Impress.js slideshows with Markdown

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Control: block -1 by 623914

* Package name    : mdpress
  Version         : 0.0.12
  Upstream Author : Aditya Bhargava <bluemangroupie@gmail.com>
* URL or Web page : https://github.com/egonSchiele/mdpress#readme
* License         : MIT
  Description     : create Impress.js slideshows with Markdown

mdpress is a commandline tool that converts Markdown files to
presentations using Impress.js.

Markdown is an easy-to-read and easy-to-write markup language with
readability being emphasized above all else.

mdpress uses the Redcarpet library to process Markdown syntax.


It seems that all ruby dependencies are either already packaged (Yay! :-)
or at least ITP'ed (#623914). However, Impress.js itself (a presentation
framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in
modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind prezi.com -- see
https://github.com/bartaz/impress.js) seems not yet packaged or
WNPP'ed. (I'm not exactly sure how how that dependency looks
like. Upstream does not explicitly mention it as dependency.)

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