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Re: "Do not CC me"

Le lundi 26 novembre 2012 à 13:32 +0100, Helmut Grohne a écrit : 
> It breaks a valid use case. Consider a user not subscribed to
> debian-devel (for instance because she wishes to avoid all those useless
> flames). Said users sends a mail and actually wants CC. She therefore
> adds a sensible Mail-Followup-To, which is not honoured due to the
> presence of the broken Reply-To. The response is lost despite the
> explicit preference of the user.

Mail-Followup-To is not a standard of any kind. It is not implemented in
many email clients, which makes it de facto useless. Calling MUAs
“broken” because they don’t implement something that doesn’t even have
clear semantics is a quite a stretch.

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