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Re: Bug#693774: ITP: grub-finnix -- Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems

On 11/20/2012 01:21 AM, Marco d'Itri wrote:
>>   Description     : Build a Finnix bootloader stanza on GRUB 2 systems
> I think that you should add one or two lines to explain what Finnix is.
> At least, the word "rescue" would help a lot...

Good idea; looking back, I was writing the description from the view as
a distribution developer, not an end user.  How about:

Description: Boot a Finnix rescue/maintenance ISO from GRUB 2
 grub-finnix is a GRUB 2 configuration hook to boot compatible versions
 of Finnix, a Debian-based rescue and maintenance LiveCD distribution,
 from ISOs stored on the host filesystem. The stanzas built utilize GRUB
 2's loopback mount support to boot a Finnix kernel and initrd, and
 passes the location of the ISO to Finnix.  Finnix's first-stage initrd
 then searches for the partition containing the specified ISO.

>>  Note that there are certain restrictions regarding where the ISO may be 
>>  placed.  Please see README.Debian for installation instructions and 
>>  restrictions.
> Does this really have to be in the package description?
> I think that we can assume the "you should read README.Debian for more 
> information" part for all packages...

True, but that was more to guide the user, given the fact that the
package does absolutely nothing without user configuration.  Perhaps in
postinst I can read in /etc/default/grub-finnix, check if FINNIX_ISO is
set, and if not, mention that it must be configured from
/etc/default/grub-finnix.  The default file itself currently contains
some basic instructions and a mention of README.Debian for more detailed
information.  Suggestions?


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