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Re: Gentoo guys starting a fork of udev

On 11/14/12 18:37, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> [2012.11.14.0412 +0100]:
>> As Gentoo guys and some major kernel people are protesting about the
>> insanity Kay and Lennart have done to udev,
> I cannot help but notice that Kay and Lennart were both
> Gentoo-freaks when they took on udev 

You make my head hurt. These guys are throwing mud at Gentoo at any
chance they get, how on earth did you get an impression that they'd
consider Gentoo to be more than a kinky toy for bored kiddies?

> and at least I always
> attributed much of what was wrong with udev from the start (e.g. the
> configuration file format) to being born in an environment where
> people still compile from source. ;)
And you compile from what? ;)

But anyway, we're getting tired of their ADHD-driven changes just to
change things - maybe we can build up enough momentum so that things
might just be less frustrating for us all. You're all welcome to join,
ignore us or do what you want.

Have a nice day,


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