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Re: "Do not CC me"

On Nov 26, 2012, at 08:03 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

>The solution to this is very simple. Have the mailing list manager to add a
>Reply-To: header on each messages.
>I've done this on few of the lists I manage, and since then, nobody sends
>But, probably, mailman is too stupid to have such kind of options

Wrong.  Mailman has supported Reply-To munging for ages.

>(I use (and maintain in Debian) MLMMJ, which is used by big distros like
>Gentoo and SUSE).
>P.S: I know that the list manager adding a Reply-To: header breaks the RFC,
>and people setting-it up explicitly on their mail client, but it works very

Until someone accidentally sends a private response to the entire mailing
list.  This is a policy issue for which the majority consensus is that MLMs
should not munge Reply-To.  There are contrary views, which is why Mailman
supports either (we generally support the relevant RFCs but leave policy
decisions to list owners).

If you really want to understand both sides of the argument:



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