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Re: Bug#693637: ITP: q3map2 -- a quake 3 map compiler

On 18/11/12 20:17, David Bate wrote:
> * Package name	: q3map2
>   Version 	: xonotic-v0.6.0
> * URL		: http://git.xonotic.org/?p=xonotic/netradiant.git

Are there other projects that call themselves q3map2? Would
netradiant-q3map2 be a better name?

Is the source package going to contain netradiant (which is a GUI level
editor, right?) or just q3map2 itself? If there's any possibility that
the netradiant GUI will be built from the same source later, it might be
better for the source package to be called netradiant from the start.

Relatedly, is Xonotic the "main" upstream for netradiant, or are you
going to be packaging a Xonotic fork of netradiant? If the latter,
xonotic-netradiant, xonotic-q3map2 might be better names.


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