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Re: Bug#656858: libimage-exiftool-perl: new upstream version available

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:05:02 +0100, Mari Wang wrote:

> >> libimage-exiftool-perl got its last update in July 2011.
> > This package could be also maintained by Debian-perl team.
> > Mari, do you have any objection if Debian-perl team adopt
> > libimage-exif-perl ?
> > Note that you are more than welcome to join the team if you want to
> > participate in maintaining this package when you have more free
> > time.
> No, I have no objection to the Debian-perl team taking over this
> package.  Please do so.  

Thank you!
I'm moving it to a gi repo under pkg-perl right now.

> As to joining the debian-perl
> team, I'll remember that and come back to it if (when?) free time
> becomes available again.

You are (and everone else is) always welcome.
> Do I need to do anything more for this to happen, or can you take care
> of the rest?

That's fine, we take care about the rest :)


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