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Re: debian mate

Le jeudi 22 novembre 2012 à 09:29 +0100, Michael Schmitt a écrit : 
> > Please read http://theoatmeal.com/comics/making_things (especially the
> > last part about comments). It completely applies here.

> Just one thing, no, that comic does not explain how a fruitful 
> relationship between $PROJECT and $COMMUNITY works. If it stands for how 
> Gnome works... oh hell yeah, that might explain a few things.

This comic explains why reading random comments on the Internet about a
given production is useless and destructive. If you only understood that
GNOME development is done like comic writing, well, I don’t think
there’s any point discussing with you.

> Please, look closer *sigh* and try to think harder why with only 3 fixed 
> areas it is impossible to avoid wobbling applets in all cases. You used 
> gnome2 in the past AND gnome3 now, it can't be that hard and I really 
> start to think you're joking.

You know, you are really starting to sound like a spoiled brat. 
OTHER ONE AT 270 PIXELS. It can ABSOLUTELY NOT be moved a single

If you want absolute positioning, you need to ask yourself what data
model you want to use to store applet positions: 
      * should it be in pixels, in %, something else? 
      * should it be relative to the left corner, the right corner, the
      * what algorithm should be used to compute the applets’ positions
        when the screen size changes? 
      * which position should be stored if I resize the screen, add a
        new applet, and go back to the old screen size?

Unless you can answer these questions, all your ramblings about applet
positioning are completely irrelevant. You make it sound like wobbling
applets and screen size problems are a bug that can be fixed while
keeping absolute positioning. Maybe you should wonder why Vincent Untz,
who knew very well this code, chose to reimplement another positioning
data model from scratch instead of just “fixing the bug”.

See? This is the difference between a bug and a design mistake. You are
holding to a design mistake, thinking of it like a feature just because
you are used to it, and then you complain that it is broken.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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