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Re: "Do not CC me"


Le 26/11/2012 04:41, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> When someone copies you on a message to a mailing list, you get two
> copies,

  Not always. My ISP (French "Free/Proxad") seems to filter mail with
the same Message-ID sent in a few period of time (a few minutes?)
When I discovered that (of course, this is not something that is
widely announced...), I understand why I miss some calls for vote:
they are cross-posted in several Debian ML and my ISP only let one
copy pass, copy that comes into a ML mailbox I do not check regularly
(debian-project for example). So I miss the one sent to
  Of course, I've the same problem with mail CC to me (I did not
receive the copy for my procmail rules).

  Changing of ISP is not really an option (other French ISP are often
less respecting of the standard or lots more expensive or ...).


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