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Re: Introducing codesearch.debian.net, a regexp code search engine


Am Dienstag, den 06.11.2012, 23:10 +0100 schrieb Michael Stapelberg:
> Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> writes:
> > Since you have all code extracted anyways, could you extend the page to
> > allow for easy code browsing? Might be faster than "apt-get source;
> > less ..." sometimes.
> Very basic code browsing is on my agenda, but zack@ mentioned he wants
> to build a new sources.debian.org. Maybe his project is what you are
> looking for? :-)

either works. Or rather, both should be one (or at least appear as one,
e.g. search input field on sources.d.o; search results on codesearch.d.n
linking back to sources.d.o).


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