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Re: Candidates for removal from testing (2012-11-30)

On 30.11.2012 13:03, Simon McVittie wrote:
Suggested options include:

A) Consider the new ABI to be "right". Recompile every package that
   mentions the affected structs (including everything that
   subclasses GstElement), unless it has already been compiled
   against GLib 2.32 on every architecture.

   +: Every frequently-uploaded package, including large ones like
      Webkit, Qt and the Mozilla suite, have already been compiled
      against GLib 2.32 in practice anyway. The most significant
      exception that I noticed is GStreamer 0.10, which is where we
noticed this ABI break: the problem is that "core" GStreamer has
      not been recompiled since, but some packages that subclass its
      objects have.

   -: Binaries built against squeeze's GLib on the affected
      architectures will break, in relatively rare circumstances[2].
      We have to recompile up to 227 source packages.

I think this is basically what was suggested in <20121130125125.GS5634@radis.cristau.org>, with the negative point being addressed by adding Breaks: for those cases we can identify.



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