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Re: debian mate

Am 05.11.2012 00:41, schrieb Andrew Kolotenko:
On Mon, 2012-11-05 at 02:57 +0400, Виталий Короневич wrote:
debian gnome-edition - ok
debian kde-edition - ok
debian lxde-edition - ok
debian xfce-edition - ok
when will debian mate-edition?
what for? the ones above are enough imho
For you maybe, for many others as well, but for many many others not so much.

I tend to urge friends to use GNU/Linux instead of Windows and do support them with their machines if they choose to go along with my suggestion. I was successful there in only five cases so far (all with Gnome and up to now squeeze) and made a small test with (up to now) four of them. More thorough with at least two of them. Outcome: All of them choose MATE over any other DE currently in Debian (details of the tests at the end of the mail[1]). Sadly I don't have more impressive statistics to present. For all we know it could have been just a coincidence. If it were a hundred friends maybe 96 would have choosen gnome-shell or KDE? But I think it is save to assume it would be rather in between those two extremes. Anyway, I understand the problems but I think Debian / ftp-masters and those of us sitting somewhere in the queue a package has to go through may want to balance the social / political and technical problem here again. I know there is already progress on getting Mate in Debian, there are already willing maintainers, it is just not possible to get all technical problems resolved before wheezy gets released. Even if all problems would be solved today, I doubt it would be accepted for wheezy anymore. Only if the balance between technical and political / social problem would be re-evaluated AND an exception would be granted, many future users of wheezy will have a happy-wheezy-year-2013.


[1] All of them was given a laptop with a more or less current sid with Gnome3, KDE, Xfce and MATE preinstalled. With two of them I did a complete data-migration from their main-computers, and hooked up their displays and external devices, so it ran basically as their main-machine. I asked them to testdrive every DE for at least two days and helped them whenever questions arose and tried to fix the problems as good as every DE supports a fix for the particular problems. With the two other people (I did not have the nerve / time to go through that another two times *sic*) I just sat with them together for some hours presenting gnome3 (fallback and shell) and MATE and I asked them to test and do stuff (with me sitting besides and answering / fixing) they would normally do on their main squeeze-boxes. Including getting pics from the digicam, using pendrives and mobile phones, surfing the web, using IM, file-management, overall DE-dive-through for changing settings and appearance.

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