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Re: Bug#693637: ITP: q3map2 -- a quake 3 map compiler

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 10:35:24AM +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> Are there other projects that call themselves q3map2? Would
> netradiant-q3map2 be a better name?

Yes there are, in fact quite a few.  Thank you for the suggestion, I
will change the package name.

> Is the source package going to contain netradiant (which is a GUI level
> editor, right?) or just q3map2 itself?

Yes, netradiant is the level editor.  Upstream ships the source of
netradiant and q3map2 in the same package and I was concerned about
what to do so that the package will be future proof regarding the
possibility of packaging netradiant.  Based upon your comment I will
keep the entire upstream source package and, in particular,
call it netradiant.
> is Xonotic the "main" upstream for netradiant

Yes, as far as I know.  It appears that Rudolf Polzer (a Xonotic
developer) continued developing/maintaining netradiant after Nexuiz.

The other main flavour of radiant that is actively
developed is GtkRadiant, lead by Tim Besset.  Netradiant merges many
patches from Gtkradiant but it does not officially support Darkplaces.

Thank you for your comments!


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