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Re: debian mate

On 20.11.2012 22:27, Russ Allbery wrote:
Michael Schmitt <tcwardrobe@gmail.com> writes:

That may be common thinking, agreed. But I am that extremely worried
about the current upgrade solution in wheezy, sorry... I think Debian
should try to get it in.

We are way, way too late in the release process for something that

With all relevant hats on, very much agreed.

And freeze means "not released yet" last I checked.

It means "working to get what we have in to a state that we can / are happy to release". The day before a planned release fits your "not released yet" definition; I assume you wouldn't suggest making such significant changes at that point. To reiterate, the day of the freeze was already too late.

As Debian gets larger and larger, we're going to have to get more and more
strict about this policy.  Every project thinks their needs are
particularly important, but down that path lies never releasing at all.
If it needs to be in the next stable, it needs to be in before the
release, period.  Anything else that isn't a bug fix to an existing
  freeze ;-)

package will not be included, and the bar to override that default needs
to be quite high.



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