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Re: Bug#694418: ITP: fits -- Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files

Hi Florian,

Florian Rothmaier <frothmai@ari.uni-heidelberg.de> writes:
> * Package name    : fits
> [...]
> * License         : public-domain

Some short comments:

* I would not name the (source) package "fits" since this is too short
  and misleading (I would expect a generic fits handling package there,
  not a java specific one). Since it is a java package, "fits-java" or
  "libfits-java" (the same as your library package) would IMO fit better.

* Since the original code is under PD, would you consider to put the
  Debian package under a less restrictive license than GPL?

* I would announce the ITP also in the debian-java mailing list, and
  also ask for review and sponsorship in all three lists (mentors,
  science, java).



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