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Fallback for GNOME in jessie [was: debian mate]

Le mardi 20 novembre 2012 à 23:14 +0100, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez a
écrit : 
> What bothers me is that gnome3-classic will be deprecated with the next
> release of GNOME. I hope that MATE can make into Debian for Jessie.

This is a problem that needs tackling for jessie one way or another.
This might require changes in the installer to select a different
default desktop depending on the hardware.

The best that could happen is someone picking up the pieces and
maintaining them. Ubuntu will certainly have to do it with some of them
for Unity, but the work will remain to be done for the panel and
metacity. Of course it is much better to start at 3.6 instead of 2.32
like MATE did, since modules have been ported to GTK3 and tons of bugs
have been fixed, especially in gnome-panel.

In the long term, I wonder how we can make things like MATE, GNOME and
cinnamon to coexist, with GNOME moving more and more features from
gnome-settings-daemon (which is an easily shared component) to
gnome-shell. It is much better for the development of GNOME itself, but
makes it harder for us to have a non-3D alternative.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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