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Re: 6 new sections in the archive Re: ABOUT YOUR CREDIT.......... seugc Re: ABOUT YOUR CREDIT.................... ssov Re: ABOUT YOUR CREDIT.......... trd [ANNOUNCE] how much IPv6 is in Debian?? Announcing a Debian wallpaper package. Re: [aptitude] Aptitude, ARs aptitude, recommends, suggests apt line for experimental Are wgalician-minimos and aspell-gl-minimos the *same* package? BHS: Bug help system Re: Bits from the next DPL Re: Bits from the RM: Help Wanted, Apply Within Bookstore broken libquicktime i386 packages ... Brokenness of DocBook XSL toolchain BSP results buffet Bug#161644: Info received (was Bug#161644: libarts) Re: Bug#161644: libarts Bug#170274: ITP: mozilla-locale-pl -- Polish Menu/Message resource and Region property package for Mozilla Re: Bug#172734: netsaint-plugins: Call for check_ntp is wrong in /usr/share/netsaint/pluginconfig/check_ntp.cfg Re: Bug#179970: mutt and BUFFY_SIZE Re: Bug#181028: cdrecord: promotes non-free software Bug#182975: ITP: libxfce4mcs -- Settings management library required by xfce4 Bug#182977: ITP: xfce-mcs-manager -- Settings manager for Xfce4 Bug#182979: ITP: xfce-mcs-plugins -- Xfce4 manager plugins for various settings Bug#183120: ITP: ruby1.8 - next stable version of Ruby Bug#183150: ITP: python-fam -- Python bindings of FAM routines Bug#183283: ITP: gok -- The GNOME Onscreen Keyboard Bug#183284: ITP: fiaif -- easy but highly customizable script for setting up an iptables based firewall Bug#183294: ITP: gcalctool -- A GTK+ 2.0 desktop calculator Bug#183341: ITP: festalon -- NSF (NES Sound File) music player Bug#183383: ITP: plasticfs -- plastic (twistable, bendable, malleable) file system access Bug#183653: ITP: pound -- Pound is reverse-proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for web servers Bug#183674: ITP: libtk-jpeg-perl -- JPEG loader for Tk::Photo Bug#183707: ITP: glark -- grep simular tool written in ruby Bug#183727: ITP: libpam-dotfile -- pam_dotfile is a PAM module which allows users to have more than one password for a single account, each for a different service. Bug#183738: Already done package. *** Please type your report below this line *** Bug#183756: ITP: themus -- collection of theme utilities for GNOME Bug#183820: ITP: trackballs-music -- Soundtrack for Trackballs Bug#183826: ITP: libloudmouth -- A C Jabber library Bug#183829: ITP: gossip -- A GNOME Jabber client Bug#183833: ITP: libima-dbi-perl -- Database connection caching and organization Bug#183838: ITP: libclass-accessor-perl -- Automated accessor generator Bug#183839: ITP: gtk2-ssh-askpass -- A small ssh-askpass replacement written with gtk2 Re: Bug#183839: ITP: gtk2-ssh-askpass -- A small ssh-askpass replacement written with gtk2 Bug#183860: general: many info files have license conflicts Bug#183898: ITP: colordiff -- tool to colorize 'diff' output Bug#183966: ITP: libclass-dbi-perl -- A convenient abstraction layer to a database Bug#184016: ITP: libmal -- A library of the functions in malsync Bug#184041: ITP: kernel-patch-ebtables -- Ethernet bridge tables kernel patch Bug#184045: ITP: libpod-escapes-perl -- CPAN's Pod::Escapes -- for resolving Pod E<...> sequences Bug#184046: ITP: libpod-simple-perl -- Perl framework for parsing files in Pod markup language Bug#184066: ITP: bcm4400-source -- module source for Broadcoms bcm4400 ethernet driver Bug#184074: readlink behavior different from debianutils version. Bug#184095: ITP: livehttpheaders -- Adds information about the HTTP headers to Mozilla Bug#184198: Help needed Bug#184262: ITP: hybserv -- IRC services for IRCD-Hybrid 7 Bug#184276: ITP: animal -- AN IMAging Library written in C Bug#184277: ITP: sip -- Scilab Image Processing toolbox Bug#184283: ITP: fortunes-farscape -- quotes from the SciFi series Farscape Bug#184487: ITP: gscmxx -- GTK frontend to scmxx Bug#184501: ITP: sork-passwd -- password changing application for the Horde framework Bug#184554: ITP: libinsighttoolkit -- Medical image processing toolkit for registration and segmentation Bug#184555: ITP: jsboard -- JSBoard is a web-based news/discussion system Bug#184628: ITP: atom4 -- An original two-player color puzzle game Bug#184748: ITP: libb-size-perl -- Printing info about ops and their (estimated) size Bug#184751: ITP: libunwind -- A library to determine the call-chain of a program Bug#184807: whois has a weak and misleading description Bug#184812: general: debhelper version ignored in testing migration Bug#184831: ITP: Emacs-bidi -- Emacs-bidi based on GNU Emacs-21.3.50 with Arabic and Hebrew support Bug#184847: ITP: irssi-icq -- ICQ plugin for irssi Bug#184923: ITP: gmodconfig -- Gmodconfig provides a simple way for end-users to download, install, configure, and update Linux kernel modules through an easy-to-use graphic interface. Bug#185032: ITP: sl-modem-source -- Smart Link Soft Modem - driver building source Bug#185083: ITP: k3b-i18n -- Internationalized (i18n) files for k3b Bug#185337: ITP: libgtk2-perl -- GTK2 bindings for Perl Bug#185347: ITP: ara -- A utility for queries on the Debian package database Bug#185379: ITP: libpdf-report-perl -- Simplified PDF report generator Bug#185381: ITP: kannel-devel -- WAP and SMS gateway - development version Bug#185398: ITP: flac-tools -- A set of tools for playing and manipulating FLAC audio files Bug#185399: ITP: flac-tools -- A set of tools for playing and manipulating FLAC audio files Bug#185621: ITP: sqwebmail-de -- german templates for the sqwebmailer Bug#185632: ITP: graphopt -- Graph layout optimiser Bug#185644: ITP: libshout -- Icecast2 streaming library Bug#185650: ITP: ices -- Primary source client for Icecast 2 Bug#185717: RFP: Dustismo -- TrueType-font under GPL Bug#185789: ITP: ipython -- An enhanced interactive Python shell Bug#185792: ITP: sqcwa -- a Squid working arround to not caching some pages. Bug#185796: ITP: nickle -- Nickle is a desk calculator and software prototyping environment. Bug#185943: debian-policy: request for virtual package: internet-server Bug#185947: ITP: libgdsl1 -- a generic data structure library Bug#185958: ITP: pshttpd -- a webserver written in postscript Bug#185997: ITP: gnome-ticker -- Gnome Ticker is a Stock watching program. Re: Bug#185997: ITP: gnome-ticker -- Gnome Ticker is a Stock watching program. Bug#186120: RFP: yasmin -- 8051 simulator Bug#186212: ITP: rapidsvn -- GUI client for subversion Bug#186215: ITP: at76c503 -- kernel modules for Atmel at76c503 based USB WLAN adapters Bug#186231: RFP: yasmin -- a 8051 simulator Bug#186241: ITP: libxfce4util -- Utils library for Xfce4 Desktop Environment Bug#186260: ITP: sndobj -- C++ Library for audio processing Bug#186276: ITP: kpsk -- A Linux KDE PSK31 Terminal Bug#186277: ITP: trickle -- user-space bandwidth shaper Bug#186295: ITP: pilot-mailsync -- Mail sync between PalmOS devices and Unix mailboxes or Maildirs Bug#186342: ITP: datefudge -- Preload library to skew the system date Bug#186418: ITP: iperf -- tool for measuring Internet bandwidth performance Bug#186485: ITP: emacsbidi -- Emacs-bidi based on GNU Emacs-21.3.50 with Arabic and Hebrew support Bug#186489: ITP: -- please remove uploaded package emacsbidi 21.3.50 Re: Bug#186489: ITP: -- please remove uploaded package emacsbidi 21.3.50 Bug#186503: ITP: fibusql -- Web based double-entry accounting Bug#186511: ITP: wmfishtime -- Dockable clock app for WMaker, BlackBox, E, SawFish etc Bug#186512: ITP: wiliki -- Yet another Wiki clone written in Scheme Bug#186539: ITP: gambit -- game theory analysis tools Bug#186543: ITP: libcgi-ssi-parser-perl -- used in CGI scripts for parsing SSI directives Bug#186567: ITP: zeo -- The Zope Enterprise Object Bug#186577: ITP: nethack-el -- NetHack interface for Emacs Bug#186658: ITP: python-docutils -- This is a Python module for reST processing. Bug#186691: RFA: libmail-bulkmail-perl Bug#186793: ITP: cvstrac -- Low-ceremony bug tracker for medium-sized projects under CVS Bug#186794: ITP: gtk2-engines-wonderland -- Wonderland theme for GTK+ 2.0 Re: Bug#186794: ITP: gtk2-engines-wonderland -- Wonderland theme for GTK+ 2.0 Re: Bug#186794: ITP: gtk2-engines-wonderland -- Wonderland themefor GTK+ 2.0 Bug#186953: ITP: gnetmd -- A suite for communicating with Sony NetMD devices. Bug#187027: O: fwanalog Bug#72140: Interest Calculator for Lawyers Re: Bug#84074: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug? Re: bugreport bugs in woody version, fixed in woody-proposed-updates Caching nameservers Can linux handle many files on directories? Categorial Browsing / Categorization of Packages Categorization of packages (was Re: Aptitude, ARs) Cheapest Cigarettes on Earth Children's Art Resources Closing bugs in removed packages Re: Closing bugs in removed packages, plus .status format change Closing potato specific bugs Contact us Contuinous logcheck problems Cross Compiler(nwcoat Virscan Ok) Cross-compiling The current (not existing) PAM policy debconf / frontend Re: debconf template translation DebConf was Re: Cheap accomodation in Oslo debian/control -> debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control documented? Debian flavours: Metadistros whitepaper and mailing list (english) Debian in Montréal / Debian à Montréal Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: knoppix/bootcd like software? debian-lisp list Debian LSB compliance for non x86 platforms domain Re: [debian-openldap] Re: Bug#185178: marked as done (slapd: inkompatible to previous openldapd package) sending viruses The last update was on 19:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1742 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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