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Re: 'dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion' caused by no files in root of orig.tar.gz

> I this particular case it would look like binary files were created and
> modified, and some files were deleted.
> This could, for instance be done automatically by the Makefile.

Well, all the warnings and the final error happen before the execution of
the rules file, so the contents couldn't be changed by a Makefile. The
warnings appear in the process of generating the .diff.gz file.

> If you still think nothing has changed, do a diff between this
> directory and the prestine unpacked-and-untouched source, and verify
> that it is the same.

I'm very sure that there aren't files deleted or changed. As I wrote (see
the first post,
I did some different tests which were actually successful, just by putting
one or more files in the root of the orig.tar.gz...

Today, I did an extra test to be 100% sure there wasn't changed anything,
look here:

The "orig" directory contains the contents of the orig.tar.gz and
"unicode-character-database" is the directory with source package contents.

durk@builddooz:/local/appl$ diff -r orig/ unicode-character-database
Only in unicode-character-database: .lockfile
Only in unicode-character-database: CVS
Only in unicode-character-database: Makefile.cvs
Only in unicode-character-database: README.cvs
Only in unicode-character-database: debian

A work-around could be to put a dummy file in the orig.tar.gz, but that's
not very neat.

I hope this can be fixed someway, this behaviour doesn't look right and I
doubt that I did something...


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