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Re: [Moshe Zadka <m@moshez.org>] Independent Count

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 07:58:45PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> Is the secretary in a position to add votes to the talley without
> confirmation messages being sent out or in a position to subvert email
> to @debian.org addresses to make sure that such mail does not reach it's
> destination?  If so then they could concievably fake some votes without
> much risk of getting caught.  I expect that almost no-one checks to make
> sure that the fact that they did not vote was correctly registered...

Interesting point. Perhaps we should require ALL DD's to vote, but add an
Abstain option so that they can explicitly abstain from voting. That way,
the secretary has no way of faking votes. (This would also be a good way
to detect MIA DD's. ;-)


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