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Re: [desktop] enabling gnome-session reboot and halt options on logout

Steve Greenland wrote:
> Why do you want to encourage users to shutdown and/or reboot their
> computers? I realize that this is the habit promoted by some other
> operating systems, but it's really not a good idea. In particular,
> Debian systems sort of expect to be running at night to do housekeeping.
> Yes, anacron helps with some things, but not everything.

Many users have a computer in a bed room, studio, or dorm room. Exposing
yourself to constant environmental noise when you don't have to is not
wise, best to minimize it at least. Some debian users also dual-boot to
other OS's. So there are lots of reasons to need a way to shut down and
reboot, and lack of an obvious way to do so is indeed something that
confuses new users. As anyone reading debian-user, or setting up desktop
machines for family members probably knows.

I'm not aware of anything that anacron doesn't deal with except for
user-supplied cron jobs.

see shy jo

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