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Re: BHS: Bug help system

Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> wrote:
> Andreas Metzler wrote:
>>>I have asked for a
>>>NMU in August [1] on debian-python, but I got no relply at all.
>> Perhaps it would have worked better if you had tried to do the NMU[1]
>> yourself, it is possible to NMU via a sponsor, too.
> [...]
>> [1] Of course folowing the proper procedures as stated in developers'
>> reference.

> Instead of being smart about the "proper procedures as stated in developers'
> reference",

I was not "trying to be smart", I just tried to stop other people from
replying and stating the obvious ("NMU is the last resort.", etc.)

> you could have read on. The part you have not quoted three lines
> below the statement you cite:
>>> (Note that this happened to me while I was just another user, so I
>>> did not think about asking on mentors or anything.)

The whole point of the original mail afaict was "what can prospective
NM's" do, a epistel in brackets imho didn't change that. I just wanted
to give a helpful tip, if you ever came across a similar situation. If
my English is that bad that it came across as sniping then I am sorry.
                cu andreas

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