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Re: Aptitude, ARs

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 12:35:24AM +0100, Enrico Zini wrote:
> I'm interested in helping in the menu issue, too; I've offered help some
> months ago, but I didn't get many answers.  There are some different
> problems there though, like coping with the existing Gnome and KDE menus.

As for your question on the later thread, I was thinking to "extract"
data from gnome menu to assign some short key words to each packages.

For example, if gnumeric belongs to (excuse me I am off-line with
minimal console Debian install so fact may be off but intent shall be
clear), say Gnome -> Application -> Desktop -> Math, I was thinking to
assign key words such as "Application::Gnome, Application::Desktop,

Anyway, this menu thing may be best addressed by some external web based
service with some rating system.  DDTP was good success but problem
remains how to rate the translation quality.   Menu entry is similar.
There was a package called popcon and this type of data on actual use
coupled with rating of the software by the user, and the users
reputation by the other users (or developers) may be the way to collect
appropriate rating and menu entries.

> I propose we group the many people that demonstrated interest in this
> issue and join ideas and efforts.  I guess most of the interested people
> can be found in #144046.
> (BTW, why, even after my previous posts, nobody told me about #144046?)

Simple.  d-devel is too big :-) People tends to overlook or people tends
to be told this is a already discussed issue.

>  > > 	Then by all means go ahead, however, it's like the task system, a
> > > way to "hide" a problem: user's (at least common ones) cannot
> > > navigate/browse our 9000+ packages with ease and be able to find what they
> > > need.
> > Yes.  Hiding with tunable threshold is my objective which task does not
> > offer.
> How do you plan to tune the thresholds, since this weighting is likely
> to be strongly subjective?

Popocon type data gathering is one way I can think of.  This time if any
of us initiate similar efforts, we need to gather short report on each
installed package in a standardized format.


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