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Re: [desktop] Installation of mail server by default

Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
["SMTP conflicts problem"]
> 1. exim is "Priority: important".  
> This is the problem which requires us to use brute action to remove exim
> from system to install other MTAs. If we make a empty package mta_*.deb
> as "Priority: important" package which sets "Depends: exim |
> mail-transport-agent" and all real MTA packages set "Provides:
> mail-transport-agent" and "Priority: standard", then I think this
> problem is solved.  As for MTA packages, "exim", "postfix", "ssmtp",
> "nullmailer" and possibly "qmail (non-free)" are candidates or this.

> (Am I technically correct here?)

I don't get it. Why is "apt-get install postfix" "brute action"?

Actually I don't even get the problem. Could you elaborate what the
"SMTP conflicts problem" is?

> 2. exim conflicts with other MTA
> If we have init script for all MTAs written like "xdm", we have only one
> active MTA daemon.

I kind of doubt that it is feasible writing an init-script that works
for all MTAs. Take a look at the init-scripts for sendmail and exim4.

> 3. sendmail, mailq, rsmtp commands overlap between programs.
> I think postinst script should take care this conflict depending on
> which daemon is active.

These links could probably be managed by update-alternatives. I just
don't know how smart a-a is (RedHat uses it for exactly this purpose)

4. inetd.

5. most important one: make sure that the daemon that is actually
   running and the one providing /usr/sbin/sendmail are one and the
   same. Otherwise you'll have lots of interesting bugreports by
   people whose mail isn't delivered properly because the have
   configure MTA A but MTA B owns /usr/sbin/sendmail.

            cu andreas
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