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Re: [desktop] enabling gnome-session reboot and halt options on logout

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 10:29:45PM -0500, Matthew P. McGuire wrote:
> Although I don't know how it works, I will point out that wdm has the 
> Halt, Reboot, and Exit login functions which do exactly what appears to 
> be desired. As it turns out only root can actuallly use any of the three 
> options. I do not know if it can be modified to allow a group or list of 
> users to do the same. But the underlying code could prove useful.

This is not what we are looking for. Gdm and friends support halt/reboot
even when you are not root (if you configure them this way). From *dm, it
is easier because *dm has the privileges to use shutdown.

The desired feature is to be able to cleanly shutdown from the logout
dialog box of gnome-session. First gnome-session is running with the
privileges of the users. Also it can't be compared to calling 'shutdown
-h now' because when you logout cleanly, gnome-session does task that it
can't do otherwise.

Concerning the earlier ACPI_power_button stuff:
   . I am still searching ACPI on my apple laptop
   . I am really happy with this button putting my laptop to sleep


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