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Re: Categorization of packages (was Re: Aptitude, ARs)

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Op vrijdag 14 maart 2003 05:36, schreef Michael Banck:

> OK, I tried it out today. AFAICT, the new categorical browser (NCB) is a
> different view of the packages. I.e., you lose all the nice 'New
> Packages', 'Installed Packages' etc. and instead have a flat categorical
> view. And I've found no way to go back to the main categorical view,
> hitting 'q' results in exiting the NCB.

Hit F7. Or go to the menu with F10 and select the view you want from "Views"

> 2. How many Sublevels do we allow? Only one or more?
> Daniel does more than one and I think this makes sense.

3 seems right. Currently most packages are 2 levels away. This works quite 
good. Less sublevels would defeat the purpose of sublevels (we'd end up with 
1 very long list of categories, or way too many packages in a category to be 

> 3. Can a package be in more than one Category?
Yes certainly, I consider this a big plus. Not allowing more than one category 
would lead us with the problem of exact classification. With multiple 
categories per package we can be a bit fuzzy.

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