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Re: [Moshe Zadka <m@moshez.org>] Independent Count

> Dear Debian Project Leader,
> As one of the candidates in the DPL elections, I feel that some remarks
> made by the secretary in #debian-devel have caused me to be unable to
> trust his integrity. I do not feel I can trust his words about the voting
> tallies for the upcoming elections. I wish that an independent Debian
> Developer be appointed for calculating the tallies himself. The other
> developer should be a widely trusted developer in the Debian community.
> Thanks in advance for addressing my concerns,
> Moshe Zadka

So the secretary is not allowed to have an opinion? The secretary is not
allowed to publicly display their opinions?

Moshe, this is pathetic. Questioning Manoj's trustworthiness just
because he doesn't like you just lost you points in my book. Doubting
anyone on that level just because they disagree with you is the basis
for some tyranical governments.

Not to mention, I dare you to find an "independent Debian developer".
The entire phrase is contradicting.

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