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Re: BHS: Bug help system

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 20:07, Adam Heath wrote:
> Use the existing bts, and the help tag.

This would probably be a really good way of implementing it...

> The only issue I see, is where the maintainer knows he needs specific help
> from some special group(or a list of groups).  The current storage mechanism
> in the bts doesn't easily allow for a tag with a value, let alone multiple
> values.
Doesn't forwarded do this?
I don't think there is a massive need for multiple values. The values
would have to be from a specified set, but that shouldn't be too

> I could see the following syntax:
> tag 12345 help +gnome -kde
why -kde? Surely tagging a bug as help would just put it in the
unclassified group. Then the maintainer would change the group to gnome.

Perhaps have the syntax similar to forwarded, but with predefined groups
which it can be sent to:
help 12345 gnome

> One might always want to say that all bugs on a package, source package, or
> maintainer, need help, if the maintainer knows that he will be busy for an
> extended period.
Yes. Hopefully this would just list the package in the reports rather
than all its bug reports.

> Then, write queries to find all bugs tagged help.
Yes, similar to http://qa.debian.org/bts-help.html
except that there would be a page for each category
Other useful features:
- list only the bugs which have had the tag added in the last 7 days.
This is to avoid re-reading reports which you're not interested in. I
guess the reporting scripts would make their own records of when bugs
were tagged - this is probably easier than adding functionality to the
bts to say when a tag was added?
- Ability to get these reports by email. I would suggest that something
where people subscribe would be more useful than people setting cron
jobs like sending index maint to control.

When considering this, you will probably look at how little the help tag
is used. I think this is probably because it isn't that effective;
Hopefully this scheme would make it more effective.
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