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Re: Brokenness of DocBook XSL toolchain

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 01:35, Graham Wilson wrote:

> > - FO -> DVI using xmltex.  One might think that this should work the
> > same as FO -> PDF, but this is not the case.  It works with toy "sample"
> > documents, but not with longer and more complex ones.
> the only docbook construct know to cause problems is the <itemizedlist>
> tag, and fabien is working on this.

Okay, I checked again and that seems true now.  I remember that certain
formatting tags inside <title> tags caused errors too, but that seems to
be fixed now.

> > Now to xmlto.  xmlto (should) automate this entire process by calling
> > the appropriate helpers,
> it does this.


> > deleting temp files etc.
> what temporary files does it leave around?

It deletes temporaries just fine.  I didn't say *that* didn't work.

> > It uses a hack to respect /etc/papersize,
> if you have a better solution i would like to hear about it. i
> implemented what i thought was best. it works.
> > but entities like &mdash; or even more important ones such as &auml;
> > do not work.
> no bug reports have been filed. how do you expect me to fix these
> problems?

Is filed now as #183744.

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