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Re: [desktop] Installation of mail server by default

On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 10:03, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> >> Iirc nullmailer has problems with pine (if it does it is documented),
> >> I might mix it up with ssmtp though.
> That is ssmtp.

Isn't pine still "non-free" anyway?  Get your users to switch to mutt or
squirrelmail.  That's what I did.  Especially since I can't seem to
*find* the pine-src package anymore.

> >> Additionally having a MTA which manages a queue is a real nice thing
> >> for dialup hosts (masqmail might be a good choice).
> > i think nullmailer does this.
> Correct.
> ssmtp: No queue, no daemon, just /usr/sbin/sendmail. pine-problems[1]
> nullmailer: reminds me of a very stripped down qmail.
> Afaict both can't do local deliveries or listen on Port25.

Some of us *like* this "bug".  I've got ssmtp setup on all my machines
on my local network except for one central mail server running qmail,
and that's only really necessary because I have some "operating
systems"[1] which don't have the option of an MTA and need another
computer to relay for them.  All my accounts forward to my server on the
'net, which is again running qmail.

[1] - "operating systems" = Windows 2000 and Apple Mac OS 9.  I'm a
programmer trapped in commercial hell. (try and guess which movie
*that's* from).

The more I use other operating systems, the more I like Debian GNU/Linux
http://www.debian.org      http://www.gnu.org      http://www.linux.org

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