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Re: [desktop] Improving "user-friendly" in some console applications

On 03/03/16 at 18:41 Don Armstrong (don@donarmstrong.com) wrote :
> On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
> > For exemple, on Mandrake less permit him to show html, tar.gz... not
> > on Debian.
> This is done by setting the LESSOPEN and/or LESSCLOSE env. variables.
> Read /usr/share/doc/less/LESSOPEN for information on how to set this up.

I know how to do it. What I suggest is that it would be a good idea to
improve configuration files on some console applications. :)

It is not only an idea for vim and less, but for some commonly used
console applications.

Jean-Michel Kelbert

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