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Re: Bug#186231: RFP: yasmin -- a 8051 simulator

Hi Daniel.

Daniel Martins wrote:
>   Upstream Author : Name <somebody@some.org>
> http://home.tiscalinet.be/genglebi/ 
> seems to be not available, at least for the moment.

Judging from the SF site, it seems to have superceded the tiscalinet one.
However, it seems that the project is far from production quality (judging from
the to do list and not the version number) and inactive ("simulating since 2000"
is pretty lame for a page last updated in 2000).
Unless someone has interest in upstream development, I somewhat doubt that it's
a good idea to include this in Debian.
As always, this is a personal view and I don't claim being an expert for 8051
simulation. My opinion doesn't count a thing in case someone decides to package



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