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Re: bugreport

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Hi Hauke!

You wrote:

> the bugreport tool in general is a great idea, but it's use really is 
> suggs. When I find something that I believe to be a bug, I will be glad 
> to report it. But the bugreporting tool needs expert knowlege to use it 
> and a very good knowlege of specific vocabulary.

Which bugreport tool are you talking about? reportbug? There are several
others in Debian, iirc.

Could you please give examples of the points you mention above, so that
those could be resolved?

> I think many ordnary users give up reporting a bug useing that tool. I 
> came close to it and I'm still not sure if I reported my bug in the 
> right catagory.
> Isn't it in the interes of Debian, to have an easy to use tool, that 
> will help to wipe out any possible bug?

Yes, it certainly is.  
If you're talking about reportbug, I'm not sure I know what you're
talking about, thoug;  I find the language quite clear (but then again,
I am probably not the right person to judge that from a new-user point
of view).

> Once Debian runs it is great, but it was a very hard and long way to get 
> there.

Kind regards,
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