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Re: Cross Compiler(nwcoat Virscan Ok)

> My goal is to port VB Code from a Win32 Plattform to Linux.
> The most important thing for me is to keep the full language support. I
> dont care for the forms.
> The most preferred crosscompilation would be VB -> C++
"What is Gnome Basic?
It is an embryonic attempt to provide VB compatible functionality for the
GNOME project, particularly with respect to office (VBA) compatibility."

It seems to be scripting, but it may help you. One of the developers of
this project may be able to help you further. There may be VB -> C++ stuff
for windows. I've seen stuff on converting C# to C++ by simply changing
the way a few things are done.

GB doesn't seem to have full language support yet, but a test of it a
while back showed me it could do a few useful things. At the time I
couldn't get a second dialog box, but then I was new to both gb and vb.

Btw: This seems to be a general coding question.
is where I asked about the appropriate forum for this kind of question. In
short, there doesn't seem to be a Debian list for these questions, and no
strongly preferred non-Debian lists.

     Drew Daniels

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