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Re: Bug#185997: ITP: gnome-ticker -- Gnome Ticker is a Stock watching program.

David B Harris wrote:
> On Sun Mar 23, 11:08pm -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> > David B Harris wrote:
> > > c) There is already a "ticker" in the archive - did you even *check*?
> > 
> > It's kind of orphaned and dead, feel free to superecede it.
> Yeah, I noticed. That being said, if people could chose sensible names
> for packages (I understand ticker was packaged a fair time ago, mind :),
> we wouldn't need to care. I dunno what related name "ticker" could have
> gone under, but nevertheless.

Yeah, ticker's name has always been one of the (several) strikes against
it. At least I didn't call pdmenu 'menu'. :-P

Anyway, it looks like the gnome-prefix makes sense here, so this is
moot. Except I probably be be removing ticker from the archive one of
these days.

see shy jo

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