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Re: Bug#186342: ITP: datefudge -- Preload library to skew the system date

On Wednesday 26 March 2003 20:47, David Schleef wrote:
> > This is a small preload library (plus a small script to facilitate
> > calling applications) which wraps time() and gettimeofday() system
> > calls.
> What does this do that subterfugue cannot?
Subterfugue is a rather complicated and (at the moment) i386-only Python 
program (as per the .dsc). I do not have enough experience with the PPC 
insides to extend this program for PPC, which is the architecture I'm 
using for the most part.

Besides, upstream has all but abandoned it (see the top of 

datefudge is a rather small tool which uses no assembly language, should 
work on all Debian architectures, and does not touch anything besides 
these two library calls.

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