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Re: 'dpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion' caused by no files in root of orig.tar.gz

>> Well, all the warnings and the final error happen before the execution
>> of the rules file, so the contents couldn't be changed by a Makefile.
>> The warnings appear in the process of generating the .diff.gz file.
> Read that again!
> The output you quoted quite clearly shows dpkg-buildpackage
> running debian/rules clean before dpkg-source!

Haha yeah, you're right, stupid me :-)

> I can't see anything that is altering anything here, but it is possible
> that something might be happening that you can't see.
> (look at the debian/rules file).

The debian/rules doesn't contain anything that modifies the source. And IF
there were really changes made, why doesn't dpkg-source complain when
there's a single file (or more) in the root of the orig.tar.gz?


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